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    Buyers and renters are generally more concerned with parameters such as location, facilities provided, property size, and cost, but they frequently overlook the quality check. Examining every aspect of the house before moving in is an unavoidable part of investing, and it considerably reduces the expenses of future repairs.

    Walls and Ceilings Checklist
    A homebuyer should examine the walls, ceilings, and plaster thoroughly.
    Examine the walls and ceilings for cracks., which might indicate structural problems or craftsmanship flaws. (Hairline fractures may be permitted to pass if aesthetic reasons caused them)
    Major underlying concerns, such as crumbling walls or uneven door and window frames, should not be ignored.

    Checklist for Plumbing Leakage wreaks more aesthetic havoc on a property. Fixtures and plumbing should be checked as part of your home inspection checklist. This is an effective preventative measure against future repairs.

    When purchasing a new property, one should be on the watch for blocked or clogged outlet pipes. Construction debris can jam outlet pipes, causing minor fractures or breaking.
    A buyer should also examine any leaks in hidden fixtures, fittings, or pipes to avoid mold development later.

    Buyers should ensure that all outlets and light switches function properly.
    Buzzing or crackling sounds should not be ignored since they might indicate a short circuit within the switch.
    It should also be guaranteed that the RCB/MCB and the DB are not out of date.
    Buyers should also make sure that each room has an adequate number of well-spaced power outlets.

    Door Inspection Checklist
    Because doors are linked with a home’s security, a buyer wants them to be functional.
    To begin, buyers should determine if a home’s main entrance is sturdy and functional.
    It is preferred if there are no cracks, sapwood, unsafe operation, deterioration, or door knots in the mainframe or on the door itself.

    Windows Checklist
    Inspecting windows is a vital step in lowering energy costs and conserving energy. Any holes in the frame or sliding mechanism of a window will result in energy loss.
    A buyer should also ensure that the windows and frames are not misaligned, as this might potentially harm the interior fittings over time if utilized regularly.
    To minimize complications during the rainy season, allow enough space between the window frame and the sill.

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